IFE-EFI: Syrian women participation in transitional processes in Syria

Euromed Feminist Initiative EFI – the Euromed Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI) issued yesterday a Statement arguing to ensure the protection and full participation of Syrian women in the peace and transitional process.


Syrian women participation in transitional processes in Syria

Since January 2018, the United Nations and the Special Envoy for Syria Office are working on the establishment of the Constitutional Committee and prepare for a political transition in Syria. In addition to the composition of the committee, one of the main challenges is the issue of the Syrian refugees return and the risks that threaten women’s safety and security.

EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI) took the opportunity of the 39th session of the Human Rights Council to advocate for women rights and gender equality in Syria. Considering the crucial role of women in building peace, EFI strongly believes that ensuring and preserving women rights and gender equality in Syria is a pre-request for long-term stability and will contribute to prevent future conflicts.

In order to ensure the protection and full participation of Syrian women in the peace and transitional process, EuroMed Feminist Initiative is asking the support of decision makers and stakeholders for the implementation of the following recommendations:

  • Increase the percentage of women, in particular women rights defenders, in the Constitutional Committee;
  • Increase the pressure on moving further the legitimate political process based on UNSC Resolutions and ensure the meaningful and powerful participation of women at all its stages;
  • Ensure that Syrian women movements are fully involved in any discussion on refugees return to make it gender sensitive, allowing a safe, dignified and voluntary return for refugees and displaced, with international guarantees of security and decent lives;
  • Ensure that any justice process is gender sensitive and takes into consideration all the legal and cultural challenges Syrian women face in their country, and that accountability for all criminal acts of gender and sexual based violence perpetrated in Syria is effective.

These major issues have a direct impact on improving the situation of women inside Syria as well as in refugee communities and on providing Syrian women the opportunity to fully participate in building the future of their country.

EuroMed Feminist Initiative

 08 Nov 2018



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